Do people who are profoundly intellectually disabled have souls, such as people functioning on the level of infants being totally dependent?

I’m asking about intellectually-disabled people who are non-communicative in any coherent way and unable to provide any self-care including feeding and toileting? Are their souls trapped in bodies whose minds don’t work? Did a higher-power Creator want them to be this way? Why?

Sweet Shalquoir

I'm guessing you don't want to hear any Satan or Jesus talk, so here's a spiritual answer. In my opinion, yes they do. As do animals and plants. However, no soul would be "trapped" in any body, functioning or not, because at a very high level each soul chose to be here, for the purpose of experiencing itself. Or perhaps to help others experience Themselves. We would all be helping each other here. So, there wouldn't be a "higher power" forcing anybody to be in a broken body, but a soul may choose to be born in a disabled body because it is needed for another soul to fulfill their wish. For example, in order for someone to experience themselves as empathetic and kind and caring towards those who are different, they would need those kinds of people to exist. Or, people with Down syndrome for example have a lot to teach us about carefreeness and happiness. Those are just two possibilities of why a soul may wish to choose such a body. Anyway that's my take! Cool question (:


It's not your place to say that they don't.


You answered your own questions.


We ALL have a "soul". A "spirit" plus a "mortal body" = Soul. When we were in the spirit world, long before this planet was created, was where Heavenly Father, His son Jesus Christ, Lucifer (Satan), archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael were in counsel about the "Plan of Salvation". We were ALL there. Lucifer said he would force ALL us to be righteous when we come to Earth, but wanted all of the glory to do so. A great war ensued and 1/3 of the spirits followed Lucifer. God told Lucifer and all those who followed him were banned from the spirit world and they would never have a mortal body. God did allow them to come here on Earth. The great war that started in the spirit world is still going on today. Lucifer, now Satan is the father of all lies. He took gold and silver to buy up armies. Satan is the reason we make wrong choices and sin. FOR OUR ETERNAL SALVATION, WE HAD TO COME TO EARTH FOR OUR MORTAL BODY. SPIRITS CAN NOT REPRODUCE. Going back to the spirit world where the great war started and we ALL were involved in some capacity or another. As with any war, there were spirits that faught harder with the archangels as leaders and were more valiant. For them, Heavenly Father's plan to protect them from Satan was to bring them down and shield them from Satan's wrath by way of their inabilities. These sweet spirits are not here for very long but when their mortal body dies, they will return to Heavenly Father in full capacity to speak, think, etc.

Benoni "Light"

Yes they do. Every human does. We live in a fallen world plagued by sickness and death ever since Adam and Eve sinned. They have feelings just like everyone else. Don't ever let anyone make you believe otherwise. I'd advise you not to think that disabled means "puppet I can manipulate to get whatever I want, hurt as many times as I'd like, and never have to worry about them getting wise to the fact that I'm absolute garbage."