What are some fun interesting things to do in one’s 40’s? I don’t have a much money so please no travel suggestions.?



I would suggest trying something entirely new! For example, if you tend to be an indoor person, start hiking. If you're athletic, try sewing. If you generally engage your body in your activities, try something cerebral. If you are a loner, try socializing. Look at MeetUp for ideas of things you can do in your area. I didn't try public speaking until I was in my early forties, but I've discovered I have a knack for it and now find it very rewarding. It's not too late to find something new you LOVE to do!


That depends on where you live? I can only guess. Nightclubs. Movie theatres. If it was here in nyc id say go to the planetarium or one of the many museum's. Or a club or a broadway play.