What do you think of Italians?



They have very good looking women.


Friendly People


I'm married to an Italian. They really are like the Sopranos, in some ways. In other ways, they are very loving, loyal, and artistic. They're tough, but also protective and caring about the people they love. You wouldn't want to get on one's bad side, though. You would lose the fight, one way or another. I like the men better than the women. They can be spiteful and ruthless.


I love their language. And there is good people and bad in all races.


they should stop asking this question!! Implying that I judge people by nationality is insulting!


Heirs to a noble but failed culture, overly loud in their New Jersey sub-culture. In their country there is an unhealthy excess of petty thieves and con men. But then there's the cuisine. Nothing better than a caprese salad with crusty bread, followed by pasta with a marvelous sauce. And tiramisu for dessert - unless there's gelato. I've visited Rome several times, and went to Naples once. There is a sub-culture that preys on tourists, and the police seem not to care. It's worth it for the food.

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They are Italian.


They're big, strong and good fighters, you don't want to get into a fight with most of them, you will get hurt


I spent over 13 years living in Mirandola, Italy and loved it there. I can highly recommend Italy - beautiful art, architecture, scenery and music, interesting local festivals, great people and food. Beaches, mountains, lakes, the ocean, historic sites, world class museums and galleries and a lot of varied things to see and do. The best part is the wonderful Italian people.


What’s to think?

Ed Gein Jr.

Italian chicks age nicely.


My favorite show is The Sapranos. I love them.


The Italian women let me get you into this discussion. They have an extreme amount of arrogance and keeps their head on their shoulder while looking at any hot guy, and don't get turned on one bit by him. Their hormones are totally turned off or non-existent. They however have a higher than thou attitude and it is hard talking to one as they would deem you as of a lower class or standard or think of you as a lower life form. They totally are devoid of any type of empathy love or remorse and spare it for certain people. They can only become attached to certain people. They typically use people as resources. Men are a resource for sex reproduction and relationship while animals are only clothing and food only. If she has an ulterior motive you might be next on her list. The Italian men appears really grumpy and contrary and I probably could see why. Italian women are selfish, and in love with themselves and every one else is a mere warm body in the way of her selfish pursuit.