Why do 18 and 19-year-old boys look so little, innocent, and cute these days?

I mean, I really just love it will need to see your cute little 18 and 119-year-old boy, they're such adorable children. These children need to be protected from those who wish to harm them.


They only look that way to pedophiles.


Low testosterone. The testosterone in young men is decreasingly quickly for reasons scientists haven't fully figured out yet. From what we know however it is likely caused by environmental factors like pollution, hormones in food, hormones in the water supply, chemicals in plastics(that is actually resolvable now since new plastics without those chemicals have been invented), and pesticides (many countries are banning the pesticides thought to be responsible for it). To put this another way, the environment we live in and the things we use are causing estrogen levels to increase that in turn destroy testosterone. This is leaving men with increasing problems in their teen years when it comes to fully maturing into adults. It is also raising the ED levels in young men, which is why the ED rates of men in college has skyrocketed in recent years. Needless to say this is becoming a very serious problem that needs to be resolved and reversed.

Jayden RaZE ♡

Hmm. Must not be talking about me.