How do I keep making youtube videos when no one is watching?

So I've been making funny animations on youtube every week for more than six months now. I still get only about 100 views TOPS on a video. Anyway I want to keep making them but I'm struggling to find any motivation inside myself. I know the cliche thing to say is that I should "do it for myself", and I am, in part, but I think an audience is an essential part of entertainment. Why would I make videos for myself? I already have them in my head before I create them. Would a stand up comedian do a show for himself? Anyway I get almost no views while some people who play games get millions. Even people who do similar videos as me get millions of views. It's very discouraging. How do I stay motivated and keep making videos even though almost no one is watching?


Dont ever give up. Someone will come.

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Why make them if no one is watching. Either change your material or find a new hobby. You'll be happier.