How has institutional racism created psychological barriers between people of color and white Americans?



There are racist white people, and there are racist black people. Now those people, create their own barriers, f*ck them. But institutional racism creates friction from both sides to create indifference. They fueled the fire of slavery and racism towards blacks to make black people angry. But they didn't have to deal with a 1/15th of what Martin Luther King did in his day, yet they seem even angrier than black people from that time. Hmm, wonder who's fueling that? And they put barriers around white people, telling them they better be careful. Watch what they say. See them eggshells? You better walk on them! And what human wouldn't be annoyed by that? So for the simple minded people who are susceptible to brainwashing allow these things to fill their heads. But obviously, most people know better. Cause apart from whatever they say in the media, we've never been more united. Interracial couples everywhere, and multiracial friends everywhere. It's all bullsh*t.


By allowing minorities with lower standards preferential treatment; by using race as an excuse for higher crime and incarceration rates; the list goes on and on.