Is dating an 34 year old okay if I'm 19?

Is it ethical? Or correct? What are the problems we will be facing? How do I overcome them? Any tips?

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Whatever about ethical or correct, it is not likely to succeed. People with that age difference, especially at that age, face heavy differences that will weigh more and more on any relationship.


Yes it is perfectly alright. No one can tell you how to live your life.

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Your both of legal age and whom am l to judge? Thanks Very Best Wishes Mars Source: ) Study,


Look up Princess Diana and Price Charles and see how well that turned out.


well there is something called the creep factor though this is urban stuff meaning no real validation behind it but it would be the older persons age cut in half and add 7 anyone younger than that number means it would be a creepy relationship so in his case 23 would be the minimal age for this. but that's all urban bs. By legal standards there is nothing wrong with it your both legal consenting adults. Why would it be unethical? 1.relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these That is how ethical is defined via google. As long as your morals and his morals don't conflict with it and by society standards its legal then your good right?... well maybe not People are gonna find it creepy weird of odd however at the end of the day that is them not you and him. However these feelings of creepy weird or odd may also come from friends or family and that might cause family tension so that is problem number 1 problem number 2. Well he is 15 years your senior meaning he has had a lot more life experience and more of a chance to mature than you have so this can cause problems in relationships you are just getting out into life and experiencing new things and there is a very good chance stuff you find exciting and fun he might not or have grown out of. This can serve as a possible problem to occur the entire time you two are in a relationship because he will always have that 15 year head start on you so just because it isn't there yet doesn't mean it won't arise. Problem number 3. If the relationship becomes serious and you become married and well hopefully have a lifetime long relationship for that point you will have to understand there is a very high chance he will die well before you will. As well as age related issues like decline in mental health and even things like ED There are more problems than this but these are typically the main ones i am aware of that come up in these situations. As far as overcoming these problems. Well lets see what i can offer. solving problem one. You both have to be okay with what society is going to think or just not care. However if it creates issues inside your family and friends it may never resolve itself and you may have to be prepared to deal with these tensions for the entirety of the relationship. Solving problem two. This one is going to fall a lot on him and the fact that he can understand this difference in age and experience and allow you a chance to enjoy your young life by giving you enough freedom to go do crazy stuff that 20 years old do and understanding that while it may be old news to him he should still allow you to revel in things you find new and exciting. The other option here is to accept a more calmer life where you don't go out and do all the stupid things couples in there twenties may do however if you accept that then understand you can never blame him later in life because it was your choice to make. Problem three. This is a big one and there isn't really anyway to dodge this one its just how it is you can't cheat death. Also problems like mental impairments that come with age are things you are going to have to accept and understand that he could very well end up needing a lot of special care and attention that you will have to provide. Other things like ED well that just makes fun in the bed room a bit more tough but with a doctors help its hard to overcome. Though everyone is different and he could age remarkably well and its even possible he could out live you however don't put all your hopes there its great if that would be the case but ignoring whats highly likely to happen will only make life extreamly difficult in the later years.


If you know what your doing then there's nothing wrong with that age difference... I doubt you know what your doing. The biggest issue here is you. If your mentally grown up then the relationship should work fine but if not they'll be issues. Your partner could easily manipulate you and use you which you need to understand.