Life is annoying?

Anyone else angry that they are alive? I just want to fking die, I don’t want to wake up, I don’t want to breathe, I’m fking done with it. I’ve attempted suicide so many times and it’s never enough. As far as I went last time I threw up, was sleepy, dizzy, had stomach pains and it was horrible but I didn’t even pass out or anything, I couldn’t be more annoyed.


do u have close friend or someone who cares about u u can talk to or hang out with? u should see a therapist or get counseling about this.


suicide leads to hell. stay alive. pray to the Mother of Jesus; forgive me.

ravenhill the blacksmith 1043A.D

No, i have never felt like that, seek help from professionals.


Yes a few times since I have an illness but I never even think about suicide. You need help to try getting it better in life.


So you just finished watching the Superbowl