Someone said something to me recently that has ruined my life ever since. Every day I think about it and rage. How can I not think about it?



Surely it would depend on what that was.


The rage you are feeling is the issue here because it is affecting you in such an intense way that is affecting your concentration, consuming your thoughts, making it hard for you to sleep when you should not be losing sleep over this person’s stupidness, they should be. They probably feel insecure and s*itty about themselves and have dumped a bag of s*** on your doorstep, walked away feeling better that they’ve made you feel how they feel about themselves and now you’re stuck with that feeling. Instead of focusing on what they said - think about why they said it. They chose to say this and you can choose to come back and dump that bag of s*** right where it belongs which is on their doorstep it’s not your problem, it’s theirs. If you don’t speak up, calmly and assertively give them a piece of your mind this will fester you’ll be kicking yourself for letting them get away with it. Speak up, speak the truth, walk away and don’t engage with this person again they are clearly toxic.


By using logic . Challege your thought