Why do so many women use social media as their private diary to the public?

I see so many women using facebook, twitter, instagram, etc as their a substitute for a diary, except that they don't realize that their social media is PUBLIC, or rather they do realize this, but they often write things that should remain PRIVATE. It's kind of annoying when so many women write out their private lives on social media. I don't want to read about your intimate relations with your vibrator, I don't want to read about your dating life woes, I don't want to read about how your Chrons' disease is affecting your life, I don't want to read about how much you hate your siblings, I don't want to read how much you hate Donald Trump, I don't want to read about how much you hate gay or black people, I don't want to read how much you hate men for being toxic misogynists because you can't get laid, all these women are annoying as hell on social media


Those who use social media are all narcissists. It is an epidemic today.

Person with Question

And yet you're still using social media.


They have nothing better to do with their life. So they just post anything. Whether it is real or not makes no difference.


People can use whatever they want as a diary, it is their human right.

Mad Luv

many reasons, to be heard, to feel accepted, to not feel alone. it's why i use to use it and show off so i could feel better when i liked a photo or meme or whatever is out there. i use it now but never comment on much and hardly make posts. even vacations i stop posting. people don't care they only use it to judge you. and when that is tossed back in your face it makes the weak worse. !!! and weak isnt a bad thing too me a long time to figure that out. i'm happy i'm weak as now i don't have that many distractions becuase i know who i am and can help myself better than anyone else!

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

You're an idiot. Your ideas about Social media are twenty years out of date and are laughable to anyone under thirty. Everyone knows it is public, except for old people. Here you are whining that someone else wrote something, as if you had to read it. Are you one of those creepy guys who stalks women through social media and now you feel entitled to complain about it?