Why is being indirectly or subtly "Mocked" so much more insulting, infuriating than if it were directly done? (agree or not btw?)?

where they use sarcasm or doing indirect things to you to taunt, mock you, but it is done by methods such as "playing dumb" , ignoring you", or what is it when they do something deliberately and then act like that nothing is going on, but then again subtly letting you know that "they know and you know" but you cant point your finger at them for anything. ? WHAT IS BEST WAY TO INTERACT WITH SUCH A PERSON IN FUTURE AND WHY? (IF IN YOUR BEST INTEREST FINANCIALLY)

Right answer

Because they are cowards for not letting you have a chance for rebuttal.

Mad Luv

when it's subtly put that means your brain can process it it many ways. how you view about yoruself will shine threw. i perfer it as it makes me think differenly and then i feel worse for them than i do myself. becuase they are so scared to be them. my perscpeive don't have to be fact none of our perspectives are fact anyway. unless it's only about you.


I would say it is the bold faced "dishonesty" or deviousness in the person.