Why is street racing so intoxicating for me?

I've done many stupid things that I regret, my life aas a street racer isn't oone oof them. I'm oone of the best where I live. Famous for it, my question is, what is it that causes me to find such thrill and comfort at speeds that would scare the life out of others. Why is 50 mph too fast for some, but too slow for me?


Why would you imagine that we would be able to explain why you find it intoxicating and find such thrill in it, when we don't know you at all, in any way whatsoever? I mean theoretically you know yourself far better than utter strangers on the internet would, and even YOU don't know why you feel this way, so again, please explain why WE would know if you don't?

Pearl L

cause you enjoy it a lot


It's the same as parachuting or mountain climbing. You just like something others find scary.


Ur addicted to it that’s whh


bruh ion know