Could my older cousin like me?

He doesn't say anything to me especially if we are alone for a moment. I am too scared to speak as I have social anxiety especially around someone my heart beats hard for. The last time I first getting ready to see him, my heart was beating so fast probably harder than any other time i had a crush. It felt crazy because 1. Hes my cousin so its so random to like him and 2. I didnt want him or my family to get a hint And 3. I am worried what he thinks of me and want to know if he likes me. When he says a comment to me here or there he looks to the side or behind me never in my eyes. I find it weird. He looks at others in their eyes quite a bit. I have other cousins and they dont give ofd signals like this.


You two seems to like each other according to the text above.

Fat Brian 🐄