Do you dislike people who are purely a product of social engineering and cultural marxism?

Many of which come out of the corporate culture / suburbs and the extreme conformist "group think" culture ...there seems to be very little independent thought in our society, much of it lies within obsession with the internet as well.

Question Queen

It's not their fault, but it is annoying.


Bible prophecies tell of a one world order that the Liberals throughout the world are actually wanting, and that's globalism. Nothing surprises me about the state of the world. I'm prepared.


I do not care if people dislike me or not. I dislike all products of social engineering, cultural marxism, fascists, socialists, communists, capitalists, et cetera.


Oh yes, unlike the right who all happen to think the same thing for themselves, inspired from the same sources.


There is no such thing, dear. If you think there is, you are extremely poorly educated and could probably use an evaluation by a psychiatrist as well, Cultural Marxists coming out of "corporate culture" and the suburbs? Honey, you have no idea what you're talking about. You don't even know what Marxism, let alone "cultural Marxism," is.


What people are those?

Thunderous Barbarian

Barack Obama? Naw, he's cool, yo.


If you think you are above this, you are in for a very rude awakening...if you ever do awaken. Since human beings are decidedly pack animals, who thrive in societies, there is no way you can escapes any sort of programming. It is necessary for societies such as ours. The dangers lie when people stop questioning things. When they eagerly swallow whatever toxic rot they are fed and never hope for or demand anything better. When they form angry mobs at the behest of some nefarious character because they are incapable of logic and reason. This is the point in which they almost cease to be human and are rather mindless disciples of someone who means them harm. Thralls. We can see this displayed quite nicely in a certain group of people surrounding the "president." They have become mindless drones who simply parrot whatever propaganda they were programmed with for the day, never actually stopping to think about anything. This is evidence of a severe flaw in our species. Think of how much more advanced we would be if we didn't constantly have people like this to drag us down again and again and again. We waste too much time re-building what these people destroy. It is rather unfortunate.


Cultural Marxism is the only culture non whites have.


They are inept, obnoxious and annoying. They demand from the able and offer nothing back.