Is she flirting?

I met this girl through her friend. She’s a couple grades ahead of me. Her friend started laughing at my joke and talking to me. Her friend acted flirty and started finding any way she can to talk to me. She asks me to be around her and her friend and her friend has an issue. This girl finds any reason for me to be around her. Like hey want to sit with us, hey want to walk with us. It’s like really weird. Then we took selfies when it was her friend’s turn being next to me she had to be next to me and in between us.This girl doesn’t talk to me around her friend and helps her friend approach me. Well she does stuff like copy me then tell me she’s doing it. She mimicked the way I walked then told me she did it. Then she says to her friend “he’s 6’ tall with long legs ooh”. She does it in front of her friend and the friend doesn’t seem impressed. She offered me a ride home when it was completely unnecessary. She hesitated when I accepted and like shocked but did it. She laughs at stuff I say. Then when we had square dancing said we’re going to be partners. I told her I’m not into selfies she says that they will take care of it and a day or two later comes and gets me for a picture. Some guys said stuff like we did stuff when she gave me a ride and told on them and said “they’re picking on me and CJ”She went up to a guy and asked about me right in front of me. She talks in a tone and smiles at me then will say stuff like “you’ve been really inappropriate recently”. Is she flirting


Yes she is

ꀘꍟꍟᖘꀤꈤꁅ ꀤ꓄ ꍏ꒒ꀤᐯꍟ ❤️

She's either flirting with you or teasing you...maybe a bit of both.