Is there a glass ceiling in the U.S.?

Is there a certain level above which women are not allowed to rise? If so what high positions are women prohibited from? Q: So what fields have barriers to women’s advancement and at what level are these barriers placed?


In the U.S., women are free to do anything men do, so long as they are qualified. Women can and have become Fortune 500 CEOs. Women can and have become doctors, lawyers and senators. Women can and have run for the highest political office of the land. In fact, affirmative action advantages women in job hiring, rather than create a barrier for women. There is no glass ceiling. It’s simply a made up barrier feminists claim as means to justify advantaging women.


A glass ceiling is a figment of women's imagination if you are good enough to do something then do it. You are equal to me as a man to do anything. If you don't get a job and I do these days your gender has nothing to do with it. Maybe the man got the job because he is better qualified or did better in the interview. And it therefore has nothing to do with gender.


It’s more like a thin sheet of Saran Wrap one can cut and easily walk through. Advancement to the upper echelons of society is difficult regardless of sex. The barriers to achievement aren’t sex specific.


It was but I threw a rock at it. It took me hours to clean up all that damn broken glass.


"Is there a glass ceiling in the U.S.?" The feminist GLASS ceiling is really just the CLASS ceiling deceptively re-framed as a gender issue under feminism. The glass ceiling is really a class ceiling. Note that feminists completely disregard the reality that even most men hit this glass ceiling because it is more about our CLASS structure and not so much to do with gender. Note that Bill -and- Hillary Clinton are both looking out from that ceiling while all of my male relatives cannot get beyond the main floor. Meanwhile feminist deny the reality of the glass cellar. This is referencing all of those dangerous, dirty and hard jobs where men often die or shorten their lives by working them. These glass cellar jobs are dominated by men, and no women, or even feminists are interested in smashing the floor to get down there. .


if women go above the glass ceiling everyone can see up their skirts , that wouldn't be right


There is no glass ceiling. It's a myth. There are women in all kinds of positions of power.


The head of the CIA is a woman. The surgeon general is a woman. Women own 75% of the money & wealth in the western world. Most people who graduate from college are female. Most courtroom judges & prosecutors are females. THERE IS NO PATRIARCHY!


there was, but not anymore


there is an old theory of life which says, we rise to our highest level of "incompetence". if we were successful, we would rise to a higher level.


Most women I have ever known have had to coordinate between getting their men to the moon and back and taking care of the children of those men. Meanwhile us men all we did was work hard to get wherever our women wanted us to go. Only glass ceiling here is in us men who can't make it to where our women want us to go.


It is more a level that women do not strive for, rather than one they can not achieve. Women are satisfied with status quo and accept mediocrity. They do NOT put forth the extra effort and time, required to qualify for, or achieve these positions.

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There’s a glass ceiling in outer space. So if I flew a rocket to space and I went up really freaking high, it would just break. When you fly up really high, it’s not for long and there’s a good stopping point.


Things are improving, somewhat, but there's still hasn't been a woman US president. That's significant.


yea. Its on the Roack Towers in Denver, CO


If there is, at least in the government, it is the highest it can be (President of the United States). Women have served (and are serving) as Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Congressmen (up to speaker of the house), Secretary of State, state governors. I don't think we've had a female secretary of defense yet but we have had women in the top of the war department. There have been CEOs of fortune 500 companies, female doctors in EVERY discipline, women reaching the highest positions that exist in academia in all disciplines. Hell, we've even had a woman on the FBI's 10 top most wanted list. Surely, feminists, that's progress, right? But no, we haven't had a female President. I would point out that the "glass ceiling" analogy is broken, as feminists will typically claim that it isn't impossible to achieve these higher posts, only that it is more difficult. I would argue that if there are fewer women trying to achieve these posts, of course, there will be fewer women achieving them ... but that isn't what you asked.


so called glass ceiling come from GROUPING demands not from individual achievement as long as you FEEL instead of analyze facts ,, you will not see the facts is there a glass ceiling for short people in the NBA ?

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Yes... sort of. Someone might experience more economic hurdles if he or she is part of a marginalized group in the United States. Nevertheless, I think "the glass ceiling" sounds extreme. People can overcome marginalization; they just have to work a lot harder and perform better than others in order to prove themselves. You can't afford to be average; you have to be exceptional.