My mum is spreading rumours about me? What should I do?

Was my 18th, I got WASTED. My mum picked me up after and freaked out cause I was talking non stop. First time she’d seen me drunk, I’m usually a really quiet girl. She thought I must have been drugged. My friends were with me the whole night, nothing bad happened except really embarrassing dancing and singing. She phoned the police, told them I was drugged and asked for a drug test. She then put off the drugs test. Then the police phoned me and asked what had happened that night. I told them everything I had told her. They said they could do a drugs test if I wanted but it’s probably too late anyway so I said doesn’t matter. The policewoman then phoned my mum and told her that it didn’t seem like anything bad had happened and to calm down as I am now 18 and can make my own decisions or something. This all made my mum really angry as she thinks everyone is making her out to be overly paranoid/dramatic, as my dad also agreed with the policewoman. So now my mum is telling everyone that I take drugs and went out back and did it with some stranger. It definitely did not happen but she is telling everyone it is. She is now trying to kick me out of the house to live with my dad. Any advice? This is not a troll story and any advice would be greatly appreciated


i would nnove in with your dad, youre probably better off


Why don't you just move to dad's? Unless he's even worse (which is doubtful), it seems like a no-brainer. In fact, after the way she treated you, I'm surprised you're not already living there.

Coach Simon

No doubt she'll calm down in time. Then you can ask her about her own late teen years and the mistakes that she made (we all do!). How were her own parents about them? You are very sorry, of course, but it's not fair of her to tell people that you take drugs, etc. You are her daughter and she loves you and is probably afraid of losing you. Remind her that you love her. It shouldn't take long to get back to "normal". Good Luck!


Sounds like you'd be better off living with your father.


My advice is to write better troll stories. The police do not administer drug tests at parental request. The police are not your mommy's personal assistants.