Strangers that don't smile, nod back, or say hi back on the street are: A) ******* B) Clueless C) Wussies (with a P)?

A) is ***holes


Often they're immersed in their own problems or focused on wherever they're going. Then, again, some people are just downright rude and mean spirited. Don't take it personally. “Continue . . . to do good.”—LUKE 6:35.

Lapiz Dominoes

They are otherwise preoccupied.


Mostly I’m just oblivious to my surroundings. Can’t tell you how many times my daughter or my sister in law had to get my attention and point out the very pissed off person walking away and tell me they had been talking to me for several minutes and I just ignored them. Seriously.. You don’t exist in my world unless you get my attention. I tune people out.


Who cares, mind ya own business