What is causing overpopulation?

I don't understand why we are faced with an overpopulation problem? Are people addicted to having babies? Giving birth is a very painful experience and raising children is immensely stressful (not to mention, expensive). I'm not saying people shouldn't have kids. But how many kids are each couple having that is causing an overpopulation problem???? Is every couple out there having 5+ kids???

Dane Youssef

Too much ------- without contraceptions!


people living much to long lives


There's also this thing called Third World. From what I've gathered, in some of its countries a contraceptive has the price of a year of salary, so people cannot afford them. And even if they could, poverty keeps them in ignorance about family planning, diseases, etc... We have to get more balanced conditions for the whole human race.


High birthrates are caused by girls not having enough education to see career-options outside motherhood. The overpopulation is caused by westerners and non-western rich folk consuming several times their fair share of what nature could grow back


men and benefits cause babies.

Donnie Porko

People are living longer than before. Overpopulation is when there are more births than deaths. People are living longer and longer so there are more births than deaths. Modern medicine is making birth less painful and traumatic.


I live in way south Nevada in the middle of FIFTY square miles of NOTHING !!!

potato boy

there is no overpopulation just a hoarding of resources mainly by wasteful industry. populations w the highest birthrates consume far less resources than first world nations which have declining birth rates. overpopulation = eugenicist propaganda


You have been brainwashed into an anti-human hate ideology.