White people having pride in there race and accomplishments is fine but why HATE others who are not white? What is the reason for HATE?



Racism isn't just white people hating black people. It can be the exact reverse sometimes or something others might not be so aware of such as many Scottish and Welsh people hating the English. Some British people still hate the Germans because of World War II. Some have grudges against the English because of dreadful acts perpetrated centuries ago. Will there ever be real peace when people will not even try to forgive and let go of past atrocities? I accept that remembering past atrocities will help remind others that such things must never happen again but to be held responsible for them (in the minds of some other people) is ridiculous and never helpful.

blue sky

Hold on...hold on my son...lived next door to Caribbean's..in a conversation with them they hated those Pakistani's. Racism is common in all colours


We know for sure that children are not born racist. It is taught. I don't understand where it originates or why, but it is seen as long ago as in Biblical times. I think hate stems from fear and ignorance about other cultures.


You have it backwards, Dude, white people don't hate blacks, we help them all we can, and STILL they hate the whites for what happened years ago, which WE OF TODAY had NOTHING to do with.


I only Hate Islam and all Muslims because they say all of the Infidel who do not convert must die I would need a Labotomy to become a Muslim islam is a Terrorist Organisation that reverts to murder when it can't get its own way I am British By Nationality and English By Race


Having pride in my race, my skin color, which I had no control or choice over would be utterly stupid. I take some pride in what I've accomplished, and given, and contributed. I encourage others to try that for a while.


I don't hate others who aren't white. I wish my skin was darker, I'm too pale.


There is never any good reason for a person to hate a person who is a different color from their own color. If we actually hate someone it should be for a far better reason than the color of their skin. We were all born as we are because of the stock from which we come. That will never change and as we had nothing at all to do with the race we are there is nothing to be either proud or ashamed for. We just are what we are. I don't understand why other people just cannot get that. We should be proud of what we have made of ourselves, of what we have achieved etc. but from where we originate, what our parents were or are, how intelligent we are etc. are all part of our genetic make up. Whatever we are we should just all make the most of it and do our best for ourselves and others for the rest of our lives. If we all did that the world would be a happy place but something went wrong somewhere didn't it?


There is nothing wrong with having pride in our accomplishments or of the accomplishments of our children but pride in being of a particular race makes no sense because we did not contribute to what we were at birth. God created man and made the first family genetically able to create all the other races of people on this earth. We all began with GOD and should be proud of that. We are ALL distantly related to each other. No-one has the right to denigrate another person unless or until they do something that deserves to be treated that way. People of many races have also accomplished wonderful things from which we all benefit. White people do not have the monopoly of skills, intelligence, physical strength, beauty etc. Given equal opportunities the majority of people born both physically and mentally normal could all achieve great things but not all of us receive the same opportunities. That does not make some of us inferior to some others - it just makes us different and, if we all used our God-given common sense we could all work together; complementing what others can do to make this world a safer and happier place.


It's a thing that some cultures just do. They have little to no compassion for others of different cultures and most are taught that from their parents. I was taught to be a raciest growing up but had the integrity and self will to look at others objectively and try to be broad minded of why the others are the way they are.


This question assumes a hate that has been hyped for media sensationalism. The Democrats are eat up with theatrical, "supposed to be"s. Movie goers and TV addicts eat it up and talk it up till they convince one another they have been living with the bogey man, all this time. Truth is, the insidious clown is their host.


Greed, fear, that someone might take your special privileges


Sadly some white people are racist (very racist in some cases). However there is no valid reason for this at all. Some white people feel that they are superior to all others and that they should have rights which others should not have but they are in for a shock one day. If they don't end their hateful racism they will be punished in the next life. All human beings, regardless of race, colour, size, employment, educational qualifications etc. all all made in 'God's Image'. No-one asked to be born as they are; we are what God chose us to be so should be proud of what we each are. If some white people hate other races there is something defective in THEM. Don't ever allow a white person to intimidate you if you are not white. You are equal to them (to US I should, maybe, say because I am white) and you must never allow any white person to give you the impression that you are less of a human being than we are, less intelligent or less anything else. Hold your head up high and consider all human beings equal. When any white person steps out of line and insults you just remember that they are the inferior ones. They must have a lack of decent vocabulary to be able to use insulting words so consider yourself better than they are.


I'm white and don't hate non whites. Look around you, look at all the white women who are cuckholding their white husbands these days. Doesn't that prove that things are changing. Look at all those hot white girls going down on big black c0ck these days and acting like it's nothing, shoooot! White racism in this country is diminishing. So cheer up and go find yourself a white girl who'll suck your c0ck and thus prove how wrong you are.

Bert Weidemeier

There is no reason to hate, it is not the whites who do hate however, its the other cultures who hate the whites, and they show ignorance and greed by doing so.


Often people have preconceived notions of how other races will act and dislike them for what they THINK might happen (ie crime, sofas on the front lawn).


When there are events such as wars and people of all races are suffering, race doesn't seem to be a problem. It's when people get comfortable and don't have anything to worry about, that things like prejudice and bigotry seem to rear their ugly heads. People should be concerned with what they do with their lives instead of thinking about something they had no choice in (such as their skin color). Fear of the unknown seems to be a big factor in hostility between races and cultures. When people don't understand how or why others do the things they do, then fear comes in and the immediate reaction is to fight rather than try to come to an understanding.


They are brainwashed by the left wing controlled media, left wing run schools, big cities ran by left wing radicals. These whites are surrounded by their hate and instead of being taught how to deal with their sicknesses, they develop their own. This happens because their families are being broken up by left wing policies, attacks on what they believe and many other factors. Notice how left wing history is riddled with hate and racism and they only thing they do is find ways to use their Devil taught mind frame to guilt them into their mental disorders causing these to develop.


Some culture are against western values


They don't like the color?


People learn hate from their parents, and accept it without questioning it. There is no reason, except that it has been learned and accepted.


Because they think they're better. They look down on the black man like Iblis looked down on Adam. My dear teacher (God rest his soul) taught us that it's the nature of the man.