Why do some people view poor people eating organic as a luxury, but condemn them for eating cheap junk food? Where's the balance?



Why does anyone pay attention to such trivial issues? Perhaps because the media puts it in our face on a daily basis. The number 1 unstated job of the media is to carefully sow anxiety with the population and trivial issues like this are prime fodder for that job. Don't give it a second thought, there is no issue.


Elitists think that the poor should know their place - do what you want.

Chris Brown

junk food isnt always good, and they shouldn't be condemned for eating organic food, it is healthy, that is why amazon bought out wholefoods supermarket


I know! There should be something cheaper than overpriced organic food but better for you than junk food, unfortunately I can't think of anything like that. Oh well.


I view organic as complete and utter bullshit. Just like with all marketing, you need to create a false dichotomy. Organic makes you healthy, non organic makes you sick. Those shoes are cool. Those other shoes are uncool even though they were super cool just 3 months ago. It's just a way to make suckers pay $5 for one avocado. But anyway, The market you're skipping is non-organic avocados. You're saying people should't eat Cheetos and Pop Tarts. But they should eat $5 organic avocados. The balance is $1.50 non-organic avocados. Dare I say, they've got you. You should stop eating Hot Pockets and having a bag of mini Snicker's with you at all times. You should make super market pork chops with buttered angle hair on the side and some blanched broccoli. You also should not, even if you have the money, opt for the free range apple fed air dried pork, the gluten free whole grain heritage seed pasta, whatever butter you can find at New Seasons that's the size of a booger and $15 somehow, and organic broccoli named Bob. That's an unnecessary luxury that at best is buying peace of mind, but in reality costs $25-50% more and makes people like yourself think anything but Cheetos and Snickers is prohibitively expensive. My grannies who hid in basements during both great wars and still stockpiled coins all over the house until the 90s for fear of losing everything would make simple 50s housewife style food. Casseroles, ground beef with rice, chicken Cacciatore, or something as simple as lentil soup. That's not health food or junk food. That's just food. And you and the rest of the world have forgotten bout it by design. " ...and the white man get paid off a all of that."