“You can do anything you set your mind to” is this true?

Hi. I’ve heard this all my life as you all probably have too. I would like your opinion. Personally, I can’t believe it. My dream would be to be a professional bailarina, but my body wasn’t made for it. My knees are too turned in, my hip snaps painfully, my feet are terrible for pointe, my arches are low, I’m too tall, etc. (if you don’t dance I’ll have you know this is everything a bailarina doesn’t want) Multiple doctors have even told me that my body wasn’t made to do ballet and they would suggest something else. I practice and stretch all that I can, but I improve at the tenth of the speed of my friends who are made for this. Im not trying to whine - I am slowly starting to accept all of this and try to move on from the fact that my dream is beyond reach. I just wanted to know your opinion on this, there is mine and some of my backstory.


No it is not ture, BUT nothing would likely get done or accomplished if you do not set your mind to do it.


You aren’t the first person with a disadvantage who has been told to just forget their dreams. Deaf people told they can’t join a band, the blind told they can’t play piano, the lame told they will never walk.. most of our history has us committing Down syndrome children because they were thought incapable of taking care of themselves. You may have to work harder than others but our bodies can do amazing things with enough effort.