Do Jewish people ever donate to charities that don't benefit them?



More so than Christians, actually, according to a ten year research study that looks at all gifts of $10,000 or more. Jewish people are more generous on average, and give a much higher percentage to secular such as schools and universities, the arts, libraries, hospitals, public television, and more. There is less tracking of small contributions, but little reason to think otherwise. Large amounts of Christian's cash donations went primarily to religious projects and churches. Many Jewish people on this list, for example, known for philanthropic contributions on public projects. Per comment- Charity is left wing - giving to others - the poor and public. And, it is not only the wealthy. A 2016 study from Giving USA showed 60 percent of Jewish households earning less than US$50,000 a year donate, compared with 46 percent of non-Jewish households in that income bracket. And, the average annual Jewish household donates $2,526 to charity yearly, far more than the $1,749 their Protestant counterparts give or the $1,142 for Catholics and $1749 Protestant and $1178 other affiliations.


that's rude


No,but they do work for charities that work for others....but only because they can make great personal gains