How to get out of a bad bet?

My husband made a deal with his little league basketball team that if they collectively raised $10 for the ALS association, they could each get a free shot at him with a lacrosse ball. He didn’t think there was any chance in hell they could actually do it, he just wanted to motivate them to donate for charity. Well, boy was he wrong. One kid donated $15 in the first 15 minutes of the fundraiser! Wtf?!? So anyway, he’s scared for his life because the kids have been plotting all week to hit him right in the king crab. How can he call off the bet without looking like a total dickweed in front of everyone?? Is there something a lawyer could do as far as pressing charges against them or something? Or someone to threaten them maybe? Thanks!

Homer Bufflekill

Have an icepack ready for dlckweed...he should think things through before he runs his mouth.