What would you do if you went to a restaurant and heard a 20 yr old hot white female manager shouting at a coworker who is slow paced?

The coworker took 25 mins to sweep the dining room. The manager was frustrated and said “damn why are you so slow, maybe lose a few pounds and get saved by Jesus” . The white manager also is in LPN school and recently for baptized so she is a good Christian and she wants it her way or no way. She hates it when people are slow paced.


"Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good--except God alone." Yes, that's what He said. Already, we can know that person isn't "good" by His standard... What might change her for the better though? More humility and being willing to learn. What would I do? I'd show sympathy towards her, because treating someone well that treats others badly is powerful to awaken their conscience unless they are more profoundly caught in evil.


i would probably laugh if the flunky was fat


I would politely poop in the floor


Typical manager.


Mind my own busines

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I'd think she was a jerk for yelling and someone and then blaming it on the fact that they're not the same religion as them. That's not right, man.


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Some people can’t handle positions of authority.

I trust the count

I would tell the manager to go apologize to the employee or I'm never dining at the restaurant again, I'll also tell her that I'm gonna tell everyone about the way she treated the employee.