Is my ethnicity Korean/Mexican or Asian/Hispanic?

Alright so my cousins told me that my ethnicity is not what I had claimed, which was Korean/Mexican. He stated that I am actually Hispanic/Asian. I told him that both of us were technically correct but I more accurately fall under Korean and Mexican as opposed to the broad Hispanic and Asian. He said that I was an idiot because I can’t claim my ethnicity is Korean or Mexican because I wasn’t born there. He believes that I’m wrong and he’s right, can someone please tell me in more detail why we are both correct rather than my answer being incorrect.


. Your cousin is somewhat right and rude. Your cultural ethnicity or nationality is what you have sole citizenship to or multiple citizenship to, but Asian and Hispanic aren’t cultural ethnicities; they are too general and informal as racial ethnicities. Your racial category is the multiracial / biracial category. You is racially mixed with East Asian, European, and Amerindian races. .


Hispania was located in Europe, not mesoamerica


Not if you don't speak the language that goes with it


You can have a DNA test which will indicate your ancestry. Google it for cost.