Lesbians- Have you tried to/successfully stayed friends with your exes?

Hi! I'm really only looking for answers from lesbians or other wlw, as our relationships are incredibly different than those of heterosexual ones. Do you generally try to stay friends with your exes, why or why not? What struggles or benefits come from this friendship? How long did it take to get to a friendly point?


Tried. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't because it was too emotional a break up.


If you are a lesbian, what makes you relevant about heterosexual relationships? You have no experience as a heterosexual. If you have, it’s tainted due to the underlying lesbian that you are. My favorite cousin is a lesbian. I resolved in my mind that a lesbians love for another lesbian was the same as my love for a woman. Just as strong, just as difficult. I’ll give you this, based on our society. Your LIFE is more complicated than a heterosexual because of undue prejudice. As a human being, I think staying friends with your ex is the most desirable conclusion for any relationship.

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I know lots of lesbians who are friends with their exes. I live in an area that is fairly accepting of homo relationships and the lesbian community in our town is ... pretty incestuos ... they split up and pair off and split up again.