Perverted (lgbt) parades,propaganda?



The question doesn't deserve a response except to say homophobia is a perverted (fundamentalist) religious propaganda with loud mouthed bigots leading parades.


Is there a question there somewhere?


Pride parades are organized by historically oppressed minority groups. They both bring attention to said community, celebrates their uniqueness and their inherent right to exist without shame. That isn't propaganda, that's reality. Diversity makes us all stronger and should be celebrated.


I guess if you need to have it pointed out to you that all people have equal rights, it had better be propaganda.

Original Sin

No more then Mardi Gras.

Sasha Whitefur

There is nothing perverted about, it. Being LGBT is a congenital condition. (developed before birth) Science is finding more evidence for it, every day.


Moderately pathetic troll attempt. Try to do better.