Should there be a T in LGBT or is gender identity intrinsically different from sexual orientation?


Elizabeth: LGBT just wouldn't be the same. EDIT

LGBT just wouldn't be the same. EDIT: Sort of like saying "Should People of European decent be considered Americans?". Not really sure who when or where the "LGBT membership" requirements were established, but pretty sure it is well before the OP was born...


so... when exactly did we say lgbt is strictly for sexual orientations, again? either way though, the T belongs because they are discriminated against and treated poorly for similar or identical reasons to LGB people. trans people are treated horribly enough by society as it is, so they absolutely deserve the inclusion and support here.


They ARE intrinsically different, but they share the critical characteristic of being subject to misunderstanding and persecution from the sexual majority. It might be for different reasons, but it's the identical sh it. So yes, they belong together and they are stronger together.

Sasha Whitefur

Yes. Being LGBT is a congenital condition. (developed before birth) Science is finding more evidence for it, every day.


Some transgender people turn out to be gay too.


No and though it's a a different category where theres gender and sexuality. Ppl of the trans Community have be fighting for the same right for years. Not to mention alot of people in the trans community also identify as someone in LGB community.

Ms. Clones

This is similar to the "Why is the T in the LGBT?" question. Why? 1. More than half of trans people are also LGB. 2. We all face similar prejudice and discrimination from an ignorant society. 3. Trans people have always been part of the community and were among the leaders at Stonewall. 4. The general public sees us all as being the same. 5. When you think about it, all have something to do with gender. 6. As a result there is greater power for all of us by sticking together. .