A guy wanted to stop dating me because of who I voted for?

Is this a thing or an excuse . I never hid who I voted for in last election I won't say it here because people will just debate politics then . Yesterday he said we aren't a match . And we have nothing in common , like we always have good time there isn't any awkward silences over the phone in person . And we do have similar interests like , music hobbies and sports . I told him that and he started to talk about who I voted for and said he never would see anyone dating who voted for that person . And if I like this person it says a lot about me even thou his dad voted for his person too . I told him that it's personal choice and he kept muttering about that I made self centred comments etc . But I'm really not like when we go dates and stuff I always offer to pay half for them and then crazy NYC parking fees . He said he likes me and cares about me and wants to still hang out and then he said he doesn't wanna be in relationship right now but then he said " even say I find someone 3 weeks from now we still be close friends " what's his deal .

Kiss Me Kate

in the end, it doesn't matter-he doesn't want to date you---that's what you know for sure


You move on!


you know what? it doesn't matter. it only takes one person to dissolve a relationship. you can't *win* an argument about that. ditch this guy and don't look back. you do not need to pine over someone who thinks so little of you, unless you're just stupid or something. wipe the slate clean and go live your life. you will not find anyone else as long as you're hanging round the edges of his, waiting for him to throw you a crumb.


It's better to find out these things before you commit to marriage or children. That is what dating is for - to see if you can tolerate and enjoy a person for many years. Usually one person wants to break up more than another. It's hard but he's being truthful. Who you vote for says somehting about your priorities and values and he's looking to share his life with someone of a similar political mind.


His deal is that the person you voted for is unacceptable to him. You may not like it but that is, unfortunately, a red line for some people. As an example, if I was dating someone then found out they supported Britain First (a British neonazi group) I would drop them in an instant, regardless of any other virtues they might have.


His deal is he is not into you. Move along.

The Witch-king of Angmar

Politics and religion are pretty important things that can cause huge arguments. It makes sense that people want to be with someone like-minded when it comes to especially those things.


Then he wasn't worth dating.


Lets say for example he is a liberal and you are a conservative,lets again say ,just for the sake of argument,that you voted for Trump......liberals are so consumed by their hatred of Trump that all he could see when he looks at you is your belief system and not you,his mind can not deal with it,he is simply not mentally equipped to look at anything objectively. That is precisely what happened to me once.


Some people take their politics very seriously. If this guy feels that political leanings indicate deeper things about a person's psychology he might truly feel your choice of candidate means you're not a match for him. In which case good riddance.

Bent Snowman

That's why there's even dating websites now just for conservatives because people not being willing to date another person because they think X or voted for Y is a common enough thing. I don't know why you'd still be friends with him. Not because he has differences in political opinion, but because he showed he's a chump who can't respect your views.


He said you aren't a match. He said you don't have enough in common. He told you he thinks you're self-centered. He said he doesn't want a relationship. If it makes you feel better to think all that is about politics, fine. LOL! ETA: "He said its mainly about politics" That's not at all what you wrote above.


When people first start dating, it's about interests and temperament and habits. And as you say, all was well when it was about interests and temperament and habits. But as dating continues, a person may consider whether he/she might want to get more serious about things, may consider "Do I want a closer relationship, something more serious than dating?" And at that point interests and temperament and habits become a secondary consideration and the primary consideration becomes character. If this guy believes that your political stance is indicative of poor character, then he's not going to be interested in anything serious with you. He might still think you're a pleasant companion for an outing, but so long as he believes you to be of poor character he won't be interested in anything more than occasional dates.


hes judging you cause of who you voted for, hes not worth going out with, i wouldnt bother with sonneone like that


Politics is a topic that shouldn't be discussed on first few dates. So if he asked you, then you are better off without him. Then again, almost good you find out it aint going to work earlier instead of later. So. If he voted for Trump. Again, you are better off without him. And just how you wouldn't get along with his family either. Just endless political arguments. On the other hand, if you voted for Trump, especially as a female - then he did the right thing.


If he's digging that far down to find excuses, just let him go. Don't discuss or question it any further. Let him go. Dont be his buddy and hang out and assume he'll change his mind. He's already put it out there, and will likely come back to this excuse in future.


It's an excuse, if a man wants a woman, her political preference wouldn't deter him in the least.


It would seem overall, this person does not resonate with you and this goes beyond politics. Your voting choice may have been the catalyst for him not wanting to see you, but it is highly likely his reasoning goes deeper than your red or blue perspective.


1) I would never date a Trumptard either. 2) But he knew this about you all along so it's an excuse. 3) He's just not that into you.


Move on. He's a loser and you know that.

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I bet you voted for Trump. I’d have second thoughts too. Sorry.