Did you ever realize that there is really no one who will hold you to anything?

As long as it doesn't harm yourself or anyone else, you can do anything that you want to do. You are in control of your universe. Even if your parents don't want you to do something, they really can't do anything about it.


You are correct. Remember when things are bad that you are the only owner of your consequences.


You live in a fantasy world

John P

Not true, if what you do is illegal or badly affects people around you. And you cannot always know if what you do does not offend or is legal.


If you feel like that, you didn't have parents like mine.


You are wrong, there is one person that you must answer to, and that person is yourself. You are responsible for your actions and anything you do. At the end of the day, you have to deal with any repercussions that your actions create.

Joe W

There's no law that says I have to give you anything other than food shelter clothing and medical coverage. Anything else you can fend for yourself. Seeing I have the receipt for that phone, I'm taking it. There's also no law that says I have to let your friends in the house either. And if your 18 and older. There's no law that says I can't throw you out on your A$S either . Unless your still in school up until you're 21. Then I could throw you out on your A$S then. What else do you have to say for yourself?

Pearl L

yes, ive known that all along