Do I have an integrity problem?

I habitually steal items as a part of my daily life. Its because I used to be a truck driver so I would steal things as a way to keep me entertained on the road. I don't drive trucks anymore but I still have sticky fingers. When I walk into a supermarket the first thing I do is eat a donut straight off the rack then go about my shopping. I regularly drive to hotels at 6:30 am, go inside and eat the free continental breakfast even though I did not stay at the hotel. I have 5 or 6 hotels I go to in a rotation. Then last weekend I smoked weed in my truck parked infront of a local bar. I have no muffler and I'm sitting there idling and smoking right in front of the front door. I walk in and there was a guy asking everyone to try his homemade chili that he planned to enter in a competition. He asked how I liked it. I said so far the crackers on the side taste good as hell. Then this other dude said maybe the crackers wouldn't taste so good if you weren't so god damn stoned. Yesterday this guy in a parking lot asked if I could help push him out of the snow. I said sure I'll drive over then I did a burnout in my truck and sped off. My roommate was with me. He told these stories to my other roommates and they think I'm insane. I am a psychotic dick and I have no regard for others and no remorse for my actions.

Bent Snowman

haha I enjoyed reading that story, good job


I was an expert shop lifter for may be 6 months as I did not have much income. I thought I was very good at it,


Only you can know how you define integrity and whether your choice of behavior/attitude fits into that description. However, be open to recognizing that others may not necessarily share your point of view.


Your parents must be so proud.