Is it rude for a male coworker to ask a female coworker if she’s wearing a wig?(please read story)?

Okay so I am a female and I have a male coworker who points how I wear a wig, when I’m private about it and try to keep in natural, today however he asked “why do I wear it it?” And I didn’t really respond and then he goes “because it doesn’t even match and the color is fading” and he basically said it looked bad and you could tell, no offense” but I’ve gotten compliments that people thinking it’s mine, so after he said that I left and cried for about 10 minutes wondering what I did to him, so my question is how rude is it to point out someone else’s hair and make them feel like their ugly?


Of course the male coworker was rude, and you should have put him in his place. When he asked, "why do you wear it?" you could have answered, "Wow, I can't imagine why you think that would be any of your business". Any further comments like that from him should be reported to your supervisor as harassment.


It was very rude and very unkind. I agree with what 'Sandy' above says. But as he obviously DID notice, maybe get a friend's honest and frank advice about the wig and how you could make it look more convincing? What doesn't it match? Is it fading?


It is inappropriate to comment on a coworker's appearance unless the attire violates a dress code or company policy. The female should file a complaint with HR for the male creating a hostile work environment. If HR refuses to address the behavior she could even consider a lawsuit.


Yeah, I'd say that's rude. I wouldn't ask that. I don't work with women at my job, but I'm sure the reaction would be bad and it would lead to future social ramifications. It's funny how those things work. Some people think they're speaking their mind, being mavericks or whatnot, but they're doing it at the risk of being a socially out of place............ or lacking core social skills which will come back to haunt them.


It's extremely rude. If you haven't confirmed or denied wearing a wig, I would deny it and tell him if he doesn't stop talking about it, you will go to Human Resources and file a report. If he still talks about it, file that report.


just ignore this rude person


At least he's got the guts to tell you the TRUTH. Instead of leaving him in the dark, about your wig, find a private place and discuss this with him. Ask him why he's so concerned about your wig and LISTEN to his answers. He just may have a valid point. Plus, those giving you compliments - probably do NOT have the guts to tell you the TRUTH............think about it................


It's rude for a coworker of either sex to comment on a person's hair, unless they think it looks nice, of course. My answer would have been something along the lines of "that's not your concern" and when he commented on his opinion, "that's interesting!" and would have rolled my eyes.

Isiah Pattern

It's rude or a compliment. If it was your hair and he said that now that would be a good thing but, that was rude and tactless. He was trying to be funny however, going natural is good and that cat just added a page to your book of "I remember when I use to wear this wig" and he exposed himself as a hater "on the cool". Keep him close and your edge cream closer.


It is rude for ANYONE to ask ANYONE if they are wearing a wig, unless you are a medical person and are talking to someone undergoing chemotherapy.

Pearl L

its very rude what he did, especially if the person wearing the wig has cancer or whatever


You should have told him that his opinion should be kept to himself and for him to f off!


Rude AND creating a hostile work environment.