My coworkers breath is really bad?

My coworkers breath is so bad, and when she s talking to me, she gets right in my face. All her teeth are rotted and I think she might also have a stomach problem that makes her breath like that. But the smell is just awful, and I have to work closely with her all day so I can t avoid talking to her. She also doesn t eat all day, she ll work a 9 hour shift and I ll be like "what did you have for lunch?" And she ll say "oh nothing, I never eat at work, I wait til I go home" and i noticed that the smell gets worse when she doesn t eat or drink. But it s been so hard to work around the smell that I lose my appetite. Another thing is her clothes smell really bad too. This is a weird comparison but they smell like how if you leave a wet towel on the floor without drying it, like that moldy sour smell. I ve brought up to my manager many times that it s hard for me to work around her. My manager hasn t spoke to her about it yet and I ve brought it up to her like 5 times. I ve been trying to offer gum and mints to my coworker but she always says no thanks. I m not sure what else to do, is there a nice way to tell her about her smell?


Take a big deep breath of her next time she yawns or something then vomit all over the place. She might get the hint then. :)


Go back to your Manager and emphasize the need for what you acknowledge as an uncomfortable conversation. If this proves to be unsuccessful, go above your Manager and speak to someone else and if necessary, also go to your HR Department and explain the situation. Depending on your own comfort level, you could have a private conversation with your co-worker and gently, not accusingly, let her know about the breath and the odorous clothes. Let it be known your intention is not to cause her any hurt or offence, but rather you are coming from a place of wanting to help. Offer your support and be open to what she may tell you. Perhaps your co-worker is truly unaware of her situation or perhaps she is embarrassed, or perhaps she has tried a variety of solutions without success.


she should see a dentist.


She has bad teeth, that is why she does not eat at work, but there is an act at work which says you do not have to work with someone who is offensive in their hygiene or habits, tell your manager again, but if it is so bad you may have to look for another job.

SSP Bowl Dude

Offer her a mint or stick of gum.


Bad Breath and rotted teeth can be dangerous to her heart health. Would it make it make it easier if someone paid for her dental visit.

Pearl L

nnaybe you should talk to sonneone else if your nnanager wont listen to you


She sounds British they have terrible teeth and hygiene!