What is a small gift that I can give to three people?

I want to give a very small gift each to my mum, dad and my uncle to thank them for helping me move house. I want to give them the same thing each, but something small. Is this a nice idea or not necessary? Any small gift ideas?


Write them each a hand-written thank-you note in a nice card. Invite them for a meal at your new home. No one needs more clutter. If you want to give them something tangible, I suggest you give them something they can consume such as a food item, fancy soap, candle, etc.


Invite themover for a mealand write them a thank you note. Mostly you know that they were there for you; be ready to reciprocate one day.


As long as it is accompanied by a handwritten thank-you note, anything you choose will be good. box or bag of homemade cookies box of candy gift card to restaurant bottle of wine homemade banana or pumpkin bread scented candle gift package of salted nuts


A gift card of the same value for each of them.


you could give thenn a box of chocolates




Different gifts better.


They probably helped because they are family and some cheap trinket would be offensive.