As a green earth person,concerned about earth. Have you considered how earth will replace all the water that goes down the shower drain ?



The water that goes down the Shower Drain gets Recycled. All Water gets Recycled and goes back in the Ocean or in the Air as clouds and comes back as Rain.


Water on planet earth is a constant, there is always the same amount. The caving is where is it? Drought, rain, etc.


As a green earth person, you should know about the water cycle. And if you don't, do some studying.


Yes, I do. I have understood how the water cycle works at a basic level for more than 50 years. I also understand how other geochemical cycles work with the water and rock cycles. I have college degrees in geology and geography.

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most of it will recycle naturally... in a few thousand years or so..... all of the water on earth is over 3 billion years old..... and has been recycled millions of times.... the water you just drank probably once past through a dinosaur.... or a Neanderthal


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its going straight to a water jug at a store near you ..


it is ALL eventually recycled ................................................


It is from underground that water is brought up from, for us to use it!