Does anybody care about Valentine's day?

Personally I don't care because its just a wasted concept I mean the candy the cards the selfishness of people just a way for comapnies like hallmark to weasle money out of your pocket for what reason just so you can get your hearts broken by someone who doesnt love you I have never been in love and I am in my 30s just greed I am incapable of love and romance in no prince charming I hate spending money on the opposite sex anyone else agree it makes me want to vomit


You could always just get a card for your mother or another family member or friend. I might go to church on Valentine's Day, just to be around the one who really cares about me and everyone really. That special someone is God.


There is no law that says you have to celebrate or recognize Valentine's Day. Feeling the way you do then just skip it. You are entitled to your own personal feelings.


it's a waste of time, items, money, the whole concept is stupid. for couples, you should treat each other like that every day... it's just an excuse for men to makeup for stupid sh*t that they've done.


Valentine's day, is just another money making scheme for the retail stores.


It’s the day you’re supposed to start planting vegetable seeds indoors so they’re big enough to transplant outside in the spring.


I don't - but I really do think you should learn at least basic punctuation!

Fat Brian 🐄



Damn you're saltier than bacon. It's a dumb holiday but still nice to participate in even if you don't have a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife whatever. You can give something to a family member or friends it's not solely a romantic holiday it's about giving love. You hate spending money on the opposite sex? Wow. I'm a woman and have bought my man a stupid frog stuffed animal and chocolates on V-day it's just an excuse to give a gift. I love getting flowers, it's nice. I'd but myself flowers if I had nobody on Valentine's day. Don't be a bitter love hater just because you're lonely. You'll probably find another pessimistic terd to hate Valentine's day with don't worry about it, you don't have to participate in the holiday but you don't have to let it piss you off either.

Candid Chris

Slightly, give my wife a kiss saying Good Night.