Is an electric shaver kit a good Valentines gift?

We are both mid 20's and have been friends for years. We've been dating since November and this is our 1st Valentines day as a couple. I have never had to get a gift for V-day. Idk what is a good gift please help! Any suggestions are welcome. After xmas he said he needed a shaver and forgot to ask for it as a gift. I dont want to mess it up so please help, thanks!


Get a nice bottle of after shave or men's cologne to go with the shaver. And a really cute card.


Sounds great..also give him a small box of candy to go with it.


It would be better as a birthday present or some other such holiday but a Valentines gift should be more romantic maybe a CD of his favorite music or a nice picture of the two of you or even yourself nicely framed.


Since he expressed a desire for such a gift, it would fine to give it to him. But usually Valentine is intended for "romantic" gifts, not something "practical." So make sure that you include something of a romantic nature inside the box along with the shaver. It does not have to be anything expensive or fancy. But something that is sentimental rather than useful.


no lisa,vday is for blessing someone with gifts that is personal,he needs shaver so i feel this is what she should bless him with,its all about the thought what counts,men dont do flowers and u can eat m&m and reeses everyday.poster i say go with is cheap.All you need to know is a good Valentine’s Day gift should come from the heart. You can simply buy them anything commemorating the special day’s you guys have spent together. When he use it for shaving every morning he will think of you.


No, it is not Christmas or his birthday...Valentines day is all about candy, flowers and cards, a show of love and affection. He can buy his own or put on a list for his BD