Is Groundhog Day for fools?



If anyone actually believed in any of the lore surrounding the holiday then it would be for fools. But no one believes in it. And no one, except for weathermen, alter their routine one whit for Groundhog's Day. It's a holiday that really isn't. Nobody spends money on GHD, except in Puxatownie, PA, then it becomes another roadside curiosity like the biggest roll of twine or the world's largest cast iron frying pan.


no it is just for fun, like horoscope and the likes of Ancestry to tell you about your ancestry or paying for a star in the sky named after you.


No, that's April 1st.


No - it's just for fun.

Supreme Thoughts

It's just a tradition we keep around just for fun. It doesn't really make sense cause if the groundhog sees its shadow on a (clear day) then it's predicted there well be 6 more weeks of snow. But if the groundhog doesn't see it's shadow which means (there are clouds, most likely storm clouds bringing future weather) then it means spring will come soon. It should honestly be the opposite.


It harkens back to a simpler time that we are all nostalgic for. It's one of the more benign superstitions that we grew up with, reminding us that farmers used to have all kinds of weather lore, true or untrue, that involved more humbly observing and being an integral part of nature. Instead we now have little contact with our Earth, and we have to worry about the true idiots who play profit games with the future of the planet. It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!


No more so than the other 364.


If you are talking about the movie Groundhog Day, it's weird but pretty funny. If you are talking about the actual day Groundhog Day, it's a Punxsutawney Phil-ibuster.

Jake No Chat

Yes, pretty much so. Perhaps not fools, but rather people who can have some fun in a silly and useless prediction practice.


Yes! I never understood that stupid tradiation. The fact that it’s broadcasted on never news outlet in America is another testament to how pathetic we are as a species.


Sort of. Does any sane person really believe a groundhogs' shadow has any bearing on the weather?




No way


Is Groundhog Day for fools??..... Shut up.


No it's a cool film😊


Of course, it is. It's a distraction and stupid


yes of course


Absolutely, but that movie is nonetheless hilarious.

Just me

That's a good question,makes no sense why people believe a ground hogs shadow makes any difference at all. It would be cooler to have a monkey day!