Valentines day is stupid. It's a waste of holiday. Pointless. Not everyone gets to celebrate it. A lot are left out. What you think?



Valentines day has been geard towards love as that's the money maker. But people who do not believe in it (some couples might also not agree with it) should celebrate the friendship aspect. If u ultimately not have someone, then splurge on yourself. Remember, you are your own best friend.


I was married on Valentine's divorced 18 years later and HATE that day every single year! One day I sent myself flowers....felt like an idiot...and other time I bought myself a pretty rose. I still felt like crap!! No one cared how I was hurting.....but now, after 30 years, I remarried and it's still not my favorite holiday...although my new husband is wonderful, I just can't get the other cheating husband out of my mind and the holiday is ruined for me. I think it should be abolished. It's gotten way out of hand. What USED to be a box of candy and that was it..has turned into a circus of "What did you get me and where are we going to dinner"? pain in the rear end for the guy and now GIRLS have to buy the MAN a gift too? When's it all going to end?


I'm in a relationship, but I completely agree. it is pointless and also can be called suicide awareness day.


To me, it is only another day. I have no one to give flowers to.


single people should be celebrating not only our love for who we have in our lives, but our love for ourselves.Instead of having high expectations of what your boyfriend or girlfriend would plan for you on this day, you get to plan a day for yourself. if you don’t feel like you have anybody, you will always have yourself. And that is pretty amazing.There is no difference between February 14th and February 15th except for your mentality (and the fact that on February 15th chocolate goes on sale). So, take full advantage of this day because it is a day in your life. And it could be a fantastic day if you let it.


I think you're right. I miss my late husband every single day, but Valentine's day is one of the worst. Try and find something to keep your mind off it.


not bothered by it.

Never Polled

Hallmark holiday.


So? How about celebrating it as Beer and Pizza Day then?


I think its just an excuse for shops and restaurants to make more money,and if a couple really loved each other why do they only need to show it one day a year?maybe there should be a national singles day to even things out.