What should I get my boyfriend for Valentine's Day?

We are in our mid 20's and I this is our first V-Day. We have known each other for years but just started dating a couple months ago. I need ideas PLEASE HELP. Thanks


I don't know I dont care because Valentine's day is hogwash




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Ask him. Plain and simple. Favorite CD or movie DVD he likes....and some candy too...not a heart shaped one, but his favorite candy all wrapped in Valentine paper.


You did not tell us much about him so we can only make guesses. If he likes sweets then make him some Valentine cookies or cup cakes. You could buy him chocolates if you don't want to bake. If he is into music then maybe concert tickets to a band he likes. Or a couple of CDs of his favorite groups. If he like sports, tickets to a sporting event. Or a gift card to his favorite store so he can pick out something he has been thinking of getting but did not get yet.

Dr. D

How serious is your relationship? Have you discussed marriage or is sex a regular part of the relationship? Unless the relationship is very serious I would advise the purpose of Valentines is quality time and not the gift. So go out on a nice dinner date. Wear a dress, and look nice. Give him a Valentine card expressing that he is your Valentine and how much you treasure your relationship. If he gives you a gift - act surprised. Most likely what he really wants from you is physical love-making.


Don't get him anything. Take him out to dinner at a romantic restaurant, wear a dress or skirt, and let him know (without speaking), that you're wearing a garter belt and stockings underneath.


These questions are pretty much impossible to answer in a forum like this. We'd have to know far more about him and your relationship than you would ever fit on the screen. If he's a sentimental guy, give him something thoughtful that signifies your relationship, the location of your first date, an event or experience you shared together, or something of the sort. If he's not a guy who is that fond of "stuff", get him an experience. Take him out to a nice restaurant that has his favorite foods, or snow-tubing, or get tickets to a concert. If he's a practical guy, get him something he can use (but something that will bring him happy experiences when he uses it). Special-order a luxury version of his favorite candy, or a hard-to-find soda he likes. Could be anything that shows you know about his unique tastes, preferences, or interests.


How did u two meet to begin with?