English is my second language. I make lots of grammar mistakes here on Yahoo?

Why are people so mean and correct my english. I always block people when they do that. But with anonymous users I can not block them.


Why do you not want to learn correct grammar? I correct people sometimes so other people learning English won't get confused. English is sometimes confusing to people whose first language is English. Don't take it as a personal insult.


In this section, most people come here to get their mistakes corrected. So answerers may assume you want them. I doubt they do it out of meanness. Not all "corrections" are correct, though. Just don't take it personally.


I often correct poor grammar, but it's almost always obvious if the poster is a non-native speaker and I go very gently with them.

Pearl L

sonne nnight be just trying to help and theyre not doing it to be nnean


They have a different sense of humor (sardonic?) and they seek a different type of stimulation (slapstick or violent). This is because their senses are dulled and yet they seek to be special.


Correcting your language-use often is not mean at all and don't give me crap about non-native speakers. In many cases it's NATIVE anglo's who "could careless" about "there" spelling, "grammer" and syntax.