Good ways to review Spanish?

I use to be fully bilingual in Spanish but haven't used it in a few years now. I've definitely lost touch with it a considerable amount however most of it is still there, like tip of my tongue there. I'm going to Mexico in a month and really want something that will help give me a comprehensive review of Spanish, nothing for beginners, I really just need something that will briefly touch on many things so that I remember. I'd love to be able to go and talk fluently again while there. I've tried some different sites and looked around but nothing really seems tailored to a situation like mine, I was wondering if anyone knows of something that would be?


Watch Spanish tv and listen to Spanish radio


Been there, done that. I once lived in Italy and became reasonably fluent (to the point where I could argue and win in Italian). But now that's all gone after years away from Italy. However, I can almost guarantee from personal experience, after a few days in Mexico, it'll all come back to you. It's like riding a bike, you never really forget how. Submersed in the Spanish language for a few days will stimulate that lost art of the language and you'll soon be up and running. But if you really need some Español simply translate your web pages into Spanish and/or tune in some Spanish TV/radio. Watch the Super Bowl on Tele Mundo por ejemplo.

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watch Dora