What does "beaten to a pulp" mean ? why "pulp"? what alludes to?



pulp is a mashed up mix of liquid and shredded/mashed solids. Like heavily chewed food, perhaps. It doesn't allude to anything, it is very descriptive. the once-body (usually only the head has been pulverized) is no longer recognizable as a human body, it is a mish-mash of liquids and bits of flesh and bone. Someone was extremely angry to do that to another human. that is not the act of a sane person. So, the idiom is a hyperbole. They usually do not mean a literal pulp, although that has happened and is where the idea comes from.

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pulp = pulverized material. so beaten to a pulp just means that someone or something was beaten so bad that what was left was a lumpy mass of goo.


Pulp is soft and mushy.

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Perhaps it refers to a piece of fruit. If you smash up a piece of fruit, the substance breaks down to pulp. (Think of an orange.)


Something along the lines, as mashed up so badly that you can not even recognize it. Think of orange pulp.


It mean that the softer parts of the body [muscles, innards, even skin] have been beaten repeatedly with a blunt instrument, resulting in a sort of implosion of injuries. If a person were stabbed, or struck neatly on the knees with a hammer, we would probably not say s/he was beaten to a pulp.


Pulp is a remnant of wood processing and, thus, represents only a fragment of the whole (wood). Hence, if one is beaten to a pulp, s/he is basically decimated.

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I guess your body is smashed


Pulp like a puree,so basically your face mashed in.