What language do you like to hear least and what language most?



I enjoy hearing all languages but not all individual voices within those languages. Martha, for example, has a very whiny tone, and George slurs his speech too much. Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones are just wonderful. I would love to hear them doing Shakespeare. Oh wait ... years ago I saw Jones doing King Lear ... absolutely divine.


I like hear much English language and too of course, my native one ( French).

Anonymous: like most: French, Italian like least

like most: French, Italian like least: Polish, Arabian


I really like to hear my own ndn language spoken. I even like to hear other ndns talking together in their own languages, whether I understand them or not. So many of our languages are dead or dying due to the boarding schools. I least like to hear Russian spoken. Probably because I grew up in the arms race era.


I hate hearing Spanish. English is the best language to hear.

NEVER SUBMIT........ to evil

tex-mex (so-called spanish) & arabic tie for least......... English most