Why is Italy such an important country?

I always see it listed in books. Like it was one of the first few members of the European Union and I ask why? There economy hasn't been good, and it's not like it's a large country. Also Italian is such a common language for people to study and that people already speak but it is really only spoken in Italy. I just find it odd. Even Netflix has audio and subtitles in Italian more so than shows with Portuguese or say, Russian audio, and I don't understand because there are probably way more Portuguese speakers and Brazilians living in the United States then Italians.


Well, first there was the Roman Empire, then the Roman Catholic church ruled half of europe for a millennium...


Italian is one of the top 15 most spoken languages. It has a similar culture to other western societies, so that's why they have subtitles and things on Netflix. It has a top ten economy in the world. Italian culture has become popularized due to a large inflow of Italian immigrants to America in the first few decades of the 1900's. And in turn, American culture has spread throughout the world. (That's why you might find American-style pizza to be more common in the world than actual Italian pizza.) Italy is a fashion hub with major cities like Milan and Rome, and a lot of famous designers and companies coming from Italy. Italy has always been a hotspot for tourists worldwide due its ancient culture and Roman architect.


Italy in the 21st century isn't too important, but it IS the birthplace of the Roman Empire, which was pretty important. The alphabet as you know it is derived from Latin and is used around the world.


lol you badly need a history book.


You may wish to consider that many Italians migrated to countries other than just the USA (strange as that concept may be to you).


It has not done much since World War 2, so I can understand your argument. For those that harken back to its ancient roots, that is sophism because those roots were long time ago severed from the modern incarnation. The country also has a rich Historical collection of art and literature. Many Italians moved to the USA and Italy does have world famous cuisine. Over 15.7 million people in the United States identify themselves as Italian Americans. They constitute nearly six percent (6%) of the U.S. population. Italian Americans are the nation's fourth largest European ancestry group after the Germans, Irish and English.


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