Have you ever come across a city or town that gave you a really odd feeling and would you visit there again what do you think happened?

There is a town we randomly came across cause she was way early for work the other day and I was taking her so we just decided to drive around a little. We came across this little town we didnt know existed until that day (keep in mind both of us moved here from another area a few years ago) anyways when we got there we had this odd feeling I personally dont fully know what happened to her as shes scared to go back there now and wanted to get out of there asap and she reports feeling very odd but me I had this feeling like I was with friends I didnt know and I was being embraced by someone I felt like I knew my way around the place and remembered a park and a gas station or something. I remembered a vision I had had where I was at a lake with a small beach (looks similar to something I came across in images) where I was crying my friend was there I felt like in the vision it was the end I was doomed there was some other guy with a gun or something and I was begging to be spared someone was going to check someone out my friend couldn't do nothing and I cant bring back but the vibe in the area there something I cant explain I felt exactly the same as the vision. I want to check this out as the place isn't far away. Also this vision happened when I was really young and my friend looks the same remember I hadn't met her yet. I want to go back there and find out what is going on even though I admit I am scared a little. Should I


Yes, many times. My theory is that when very strong emotions have been felt there in the past, some sort of echo remains. I'm not religious and don't believe in spirits, etc, but one day science may figure out how that can happen. A couple of years ago I went to Oxford, England, to explore the town. I'd never been before but my father lived there for many years back in the 1930s. I wanted to find a specific place and I kept feeling myself directed - as I was walking - by 'something' to turn right, or left, or go straight on, at a number of junctions. I quickly found myself exactly where I wanted to be. There had been no street signs or anything which could have helped me. I then had the sudden urge to walk down a long side street and turn up into an alleyway. At the end, I found myself right outside a building where I knew my dad had spent many happy evenings when playing with an orchestra. Again, I'd had no idea it was there. I can't explain it.


I have felt being psychically tested or probed in two cities: once in Albuquerque and again in Waynesville, NC. I also had a significant experience in St. Augustine, FL when a crystal I had purchased danced on my hand for about half an hour. My response was more curiosity than fear, but the possible presence of spirits is, to me, unsettling.