How do I tell my friends without them flipping out again?

My parents recently bought me a Gucci backpack They got it for me because I was sad about failing midterms. (I'm a freshmen) My friends got very jealous and said I didn't desrver it and that "They got nothing for passing why should I get something for failing" one even had the nerve to tell me that I should've donated the money to charity. I understand where there coming from, but its my parents money and it is non of there biusness. How do I tell them about my new red bottoms shoes and airpods (This is my third pair, the others got dirty)


say nothing unless they ask


Real friends wouldn't care or would be happy for you. You are fortunate to have parents in a position to give you the things that you desire. Why do you feel the need to tell anyone anything? The real issue is that you may need to concentrate more on substantive things in life instead of the superfluous. And your parents should consider investing in a tutor to coincide with your new Red Bottoms. Best Of Luck


You have some serious self esteem issues to deal with.


Are you trying to impress somebody? I'm impressed your friends passed while youre unable to. Then all you can do is act like a spoiled brat.