I have a gift for triggering conservatives but sometimes I feel bad watching their futile rage. Is that normal?



It's actually foolish to discount their rage as "futile" for they're some of the most violent, criminal people in the history of the world. Baiting them is overall more risky than quietly murdering them would be. I am speaking statistically because, of course, YOU must NEVER do ANYTHING illegal. Liberals have to leave criminal, violent behaviour to the conservatives because, of course, one"mustn't stoop to their Level". One wouldn't have wanted to stop Hitler, for instance, just for using the word "Vernichtung" before he'd actually committed one.


I don't think you should ever feel bad if your conscience tells you to criticise someone with opposing belief. If someone disagrees with you and gets angry laugh at their anger and believe your own opinion.


Actually, it's what Yahoo! Answers is all about, kiddo.


it's really not hard to upset conservatives, lmao but yeah it's also good to feel bad for the less fortunate


Don't flatter yourself. You're just a run-of-the-mill troll among thousands here. The only rage is the rage you feel over your abject failures and inability to get laid. PS: Speak for yourself loser, My girlfriends are the type of women morons like you can only whack-off to.

Spirit of All

I enjoy their rage. Watching them fail is a delight.

Alvin Colmes

I wouldn't call what passes for blather a gift, that's more like being touched. LOL


They deserve it in this case, for supporting Trump, so don't feel bad. Think of it as tough love.

Doc Awesome

You sound triggered, crybaby.

Obi Wan Knievel

Another retarded troll, another two free points for everyone else.

Actual Llewen

Try that in the South You will re live the ending in "Easy Rider"