Is the red room urban legend real?

im talking about the japanese urban legend where a pop up came up and wouldnt go away. and eventually killed them. is this urban legend real?


thats not what a red room is...a red room is a place where kidnapped victums go and on the deep dark web,people can pay to watch them get tortured,and even pay to have things done......thats a red are they real........i cant find proof,so ....i belive their is,,their are monster among us...................


The Sasebo Japan legend? A young computer geek. Got a pop up. Screen turned red & message said he was about to die. He was murdered at near that time. Murder is rare in Japan. I do not believe that one was solved. 2004 I think. So the legend started.

Obi Wan Knievel

It's called an urban legend for a reason.


A "pop" came up?? WTF are you talking about?


Like another answer said, that is not what a red room is. I don't believe most of these tech-related urban legends. Magic is in the ancient things.


No urban legends are real.